September 2018


This year has become a watershed for the entire European project, as the Old Continent contends with the aftermath of the U.K.’s Brexit vote. But the Czech economy continues to race ahead, outstripping Western Europe and highlighting the wealth of opportunities that Central & Eastern Europe continues to offer investors nimble enough to find them.

CEDEM 2017 will take an in-depth look at how domestic investors and smaller, private groups have amassed an enormous volume of capital that allows them to compete with Europe’s traditional institutional giants. It will also delve into the state of the Czech economy after the end of the Central Bank’s currency peg and ask if the current rate of growth is sustainable. CEDEM 2017 will also explore the ways in which we use and conceive of commercial real estate are being revolutionized. All discussions will feature top market players and analysts currently active in the Czech Republic, the CEE region and the Eurozone.



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Keynote: Economic Presentation

10:10 - 11:00

Digital Distribution and the Docks

New digital technologies will enable to respond to the pressing need to make transport safer, more efficient and sustainable. in an innovative way, how will it play out over the next five years?


Coffee Break

11:20 - 12:00

Cryptocurrencies could change how we look at real estate

When Real Estate Meets Cryptocurrency Investments.


Coffee Break

12:20 - 13:10

Investment funds: Private, Personal and Funding

Who will be buying the new projects coming on line in the coming months and is the market reaching a tipping point?



14:00 - 14:45

Why Czech and Slovak investors are giving European property funds a run for their money

Domestic investors have made their mark in other CEE countries, but Czech and Slovak funds are a different breed. Not only are they now serious competition for larger international investors in their home markets, but they’re beginning to make their presence felt abroad. Who are these groups and why have they emerged in Prague and Bratislava?


Coffee Break

15:00 - 15:50

Office revolution: Now the real work begins

First there was open plan space. Then we started to hear about flexible hot desking regimes within offices, and then home office. But working arrangements continue to multiply as co-working space began to become popular for freelancers and members of the “gig” economy. Now, corporations are looking for ultra-flexible co-working space in addition to their standard offices, in part to get more bang for their rental buck. But it’s also so they can let their employees work with people from the world of start-ups, FinTech and other potential superstars of the future.


Coffee Break

16:10 - 17:00

The Smart City Revolution

Forward looking cities, businesses and developers have realized that quality of life is now of crucial importance to residents, employees and tenants. So-called ‘Smart Cities’ are the ones that think outside the box to make living and working in them more convenient and enjoyable.


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CEDEM 2018 Closing Party


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