26th September 2018

Foremost Thinking Players & Analysts

It’s becoming clearer by the day that the global economy is undergoing rapid and permanent change as the impact of technological advances have infiltrated not just how we live our lives, but how businesses are run and the products they offer. New forms of investment are taking hold, as traditional banks scramble to maintain their position by copying or buying out dynamic start-ups with revolutionary ideas. Crytpocurrencies and crowd funding have risen beyond the level of mere oddities into serious alternatives. The impact of these changes are having a rapidly spreading impact on the property sector.

CEDEM 2018 will provide a mix of old and new, exploring how the digitization of real estate is being incorporated by the existing property industry and helping put these issues into context. The traditional issues of supply, demand and location are still of prime importance, but offering alternatives to old investment patterns and the appetite for new, disruptive ideas can no longer be ignored. All of this is going on as the era of low-interest and plentiful labor comes to an end and Europeans ask themselves how much longer the economic boom can continue. This year’s discussions and presentations will feature the foremost players and analysts on offer from the Czech Republic and from around Europe.


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Keynote: Economic & Market Presentation

10:10 - 11:00

Redeveloping malls as the 'Big Rethink' transforms retail

With virtually no big malls left to build in Central Europe, the glory days of retail development are over. But there’s an entire generation of aging malls and high street locations in desperate need of updating to make them viable for a brave new era of digitized brick & mortar retail.


Coffee Break

11:20 - 12:00

The arrival of FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain is disrupting how we look at real estate

Just five years ago, the real estate world thought it was immune from change, but cryptocurrencies and crowd-funding are long past the juvenile start-up phase. Today, major institutions are deploying Big Data and the digitization of finance to open up new ways of investing in property to a new generation.


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12:20 - 13:10

CEE's most powerful local investment groups are seizing control of the investment market

The rise of a new class of local investors across Central Europe means the old days of European institutional funds dominating the property markets on their own are gone forever.



14:00 - 14:45

Prague's New Office Zones: Center vs. the Edge of Center Submarkets

Twenty years after Prague’s first modern office building was completed the future structure of Prague’s office market is finally coming into focus. Something resembling a genuine CBD is at last taking shape, with the Masaryk train station at its heart. Meanwhile, the traditional submarkets of Pankrac, Karlin and Smichov continue to grow, but new investment in Holešovice, Libeň and the Smichov station zone is creating exciting new opportunities and expanding the choices available to end users. But is the city keeping up with the development of infrastructure? Are all of these new zones viable in the long-term?


Coffee Break

15:00 - 15:50

Logistics locked in a technological arms race

The new technologies we keep hearing are coming fast, and they’re all converging in logistics and the industrial property sector. Warehouses and trucks may sound old fashioned, but getting goods from A to B is about to get safer, more efficient and sustainable through the use of decentralized global Blockchain supply chains, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and self-driving vehicles. The companies that react the quickest, and the cleverest, will have a massive advantage. But can anyone catch Amazon? And from a property perspective, what (if any) is the impact of this revolution on the value of industrial real estate?


Coffee Break

16:10 - 17:00

Smart Cities vs. Old-School Urban Planning

Technology and creative thinking has the potential to both improve quality of life in cities and raise property values. Soon, Smart City thinking will make the difference between growing, competitive cities and those that are unable to attract the best people and companies.


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CEDEM 2018 Closing Party


Robert McLean

Robert McLean

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